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5 Things – To Improve and Reform The Health & Wellness Industry

An Interview With Maria Angelova - Authority Magazine Inour world...

9 Fashion and Apparel Tips every Girl should Know in 2022

Fashion plays an important role in our lives. Apparel...

Is Cannabidiol Oil or CBD Oil Helpful for Anxiety? TheDiArc.Com

Cannabidiol is defined as a chemical present in the...

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Three Most Beneficial Makeup Tips

My GO-TO makeup tool is the SIGMA F47 Multi-taker. It is a slightly angled, densely bristled brush that is multi-functional. You can use it during skin prep to apply your moisturizer and primer or when you are further creating your makeup look using your concealer, foundation, or carving out a little contour. Be sure to clean your brushing in between use, especially if using different products on your face.

Top Makeup Trends and Tips to try in August 2022

Makeup is an art and essential part of a women's life. Learning about latest makeup and beauty trends are utmost priority of most of...

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The DiArc Magazine – An Exclusive Lifestyle Magazine| January 2023 | Edition 09 | Christina DiArcangelo

TheDiArc Magazine January 2023 Edition has been published. In this edition we are bringing the best articles as always. We have an Exclusive Interview with Joe Lewis who does decals for vehicles by the name of Royal Customs.

Zelira Therapeutics Completes Enrolment For Diabetic Nerve Pain Drug Trial With Affinity Bio Partners

It’s an exciting time in the medical cannabis community as Zelira, a global leader in the research, development and commercialisation of clinically validated cannabinoid medicines, and Affinity Bio Partners, a leading, global clinical research organisation, have completed enrolment for a diabetic nerve pain drug trial.

CANNABIS – The Revival of an Ancient Women’s Herb With Shabnam

Cannabis - the revival of an ancient women's herb From Egyptian antiquity to the fifteenth century, women relied on a vast knowledge of medicinal plants for their health. Herbal formulations for regulating their fertility, facilitating childbirth, and  intensifying orgasm, to name a few!

Listen to your Gut with Chelsea Haines

My name is Chelsea Haines, I am the founder and CEO of the Gut Health Agency. I have  years of accolades that warrant me credit to share what I’m about to share with you regarding human behaviour and gut health

How did a stigmatized housewife make it on the NJ Insider 100?

DiAnA was the Community Outreach Specialist for one of the Original 12 license holders a vertically integrated MSO in New Jersey.